Commissioner candidate accuses winner of voter fraud

Letty Lopez

A six page court document outlines the reason Letty Lopez believes she lost the district 5 November election in Weslaco.

She lost by a narrow margin of just 16 votes to Lupe Rivera.

After looking at the voter registration list she hired attorney Jerad Najvar.

Lopez's attorney goes on the record to say "it looks like election fraud where people registered somewhere they didn TMt live to pack the vote in district 5."

Najvar has his hands full as he TMs outlined three cases of illegal votes by non-residents in a lawsuit filed Tuesday.

The lawsuit is contesting the latest election results.

The largest case Najvar is filing allegedly shows 23 people registered at a single Weslaco home where seven of those at the home voted.

The alleged fraud doesn TMt end there as Najvar said, one of those residents is tied to Rivera and "it TMs just clear from public records that there are illegal votes..."

Along with the alleged illegal votes, Letty Lopez also disputes 16 mail-in ballots were rejected by the elections ballot board because of signature discrepancies, but what raised a red flag for Lopez TM legal council was after reviewing the files there were allegedly no apparent discrepancies in the signatures but the ballots were not counted.

Lopez TMs legal team said they found 41 votes were either illegal or were improperly rejected.

Lopez went on the record saying this example of voter fraud is exactly why she ran for a commissioner seat| and " wants to set an example and put some fear as to anyone who is doing something illegal--to stop."

The newly elected Weslaco Commissioner Lupe Rivera will not make any comment regarding the matter until he has read the documents.

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