‘Conflict of interest’ to delay arraignment for former Hidalgo County bailiff

    (Source: MGN Online)

    We have some new details regarding a story that we’ve been following for several days.

    The attorney for Oscar De La Cruz, the former Hidalgo County bailiff, who is accused of assisting to transport more than five kilos of cocaine, was informed by the court that his attorney, Santos Maldonado, can no longer represent him because of a ‘conflict of interest.’

    We’re told the ‘conflict of interest’ is due to Maldonado representing Arturo Vargas, who is also a defendant in the same case.

    As a result, both men will have to find new representation in the next 10 days.

    “It’s unfortunate for both of my clients that the judge decided there was a conflict and that I could no longer represent them," Maldonado said in a statement to CBS 4 News. "Both clients were satisfied with my services and wanted me to continue as their lawyer. I was not in agreement with the court’s decision. ”

    Maldonado was Vargas’ court-appointed attorney whereas De La Cruz chose Maldonado to be his attorney.

    The arraignment for De La Cruz, which was scheduled for Wednesday, has been pushed back a minimum of 10 days.

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