Construction on liquid gas facilities at Port of Brownsville delayed

Construction on liquid gas facilities at Port of Brownsville delayed

Construction on proposed liquid natural gas facilities at the Port of Brownsville have been delayed.

The installation of liquid natural gas pipelines at the port has been a process several years in the making. But in the past week, two companies had their applications withdrawn.

"We just choose to withdraw temporarily or indefinitely until they get us the information,” said Kimberly Older, chief regulator with the Army Corps of Engineers’ Galveston division. “That is not pending on our workload. It's nothing negative against any applicant."

This week, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers told Annova LNG that their permit application was withdrawn because it needed more information. Annova LNG can re-apply at any time.

Beth Archer, spokesperson with Annova LNG told CBS 4 in a statement, "We are moving forward in confidential commercial negotiations with a third-party pipeline company for the transportation of natural gas supplies to the export facility."

The Army Corps says Texas LNG had similar delays as Annova. Texas LNG did not respond to requests for comment from CBS 4.

"It's not necessarily one item or one deadline, it's procedural issue," Older said about the application withdrawals.

The Army Corps of Engineers makes sure that companies who plan on working in and around navigable waters in the U.S. follow laws like the Rivers and Harbors Act of 1899 and the Clean Water Act.

"Most of our jurisdiction is going to be more with what's happening in the water and the affects that that has on the environment," Older said.

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