Controversy over voter fraud continues in Weslaco

Lupe Rivera

The battle was heated in 2013 for the Weslaco city commissioner's seat in District 5 between Letty Lopez and Lupe Rivera, and it continues to spark controversy even now.

"Mr. Rivera was breaking election rules."

Jerad Navjar is representing Lopez in a lawsuit filed against the incumbent Rivera after he won the race in November.

The lawsuit outlines a slew of votes that Lopez claims were made by people who do not live in District 5.

'All of these people cannot be living under the same roof."

In one example listed in the lawsuit, 23 voters who cast a ballot in favor of Rivera were registered to a home on East 6th street in Weslaco.

Lopez camp claims those votes were cast illegally since all of those people do not actually reside in the same house.

"We are not after the voters. We want to protect the voters from coercion."

Lopez is fighting for another chance at the seat which she believes would have been hers if these alleged illegal votes had not been counted.

The case goes to trial next week.

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