Couple gets married at Hidalgo-Reynosa International Bridge

(Source: KGBT Photo)

One man and woman are not letting a border keep them from becoming one.

28-year old Yesenia Hernandez and 26-year-old Takeshi Torres stood before a judge on the Hidalgo-Reynosa International Bridge hand in hand in holy matrimony Monday morning.

The couple has known each other for the past eight years and met while playing soccer at the collegiate level in the U.S.

However, they chose to get married at the international bridge because Torres' Visa expired and now lives in Mexico.

"So, we had to get married here in the bridge so that we can get married over there in the U.S.A,” said Torres.

Immigration attorney Margie Villalobos said weddings on the international bridges is common.

“For whatever reason, they feel like they have to do it here at the bridge to be able to get a Texas Marriage License, but honestly that's not necessary,” said Villalobos. “If they want to get married, they can get in Mexico too, that's a valid marriage too. It just has to be a bonafide marriage."

Villalobos has also noticed an increase in people petitioning to be a U.S. citizen.

"I think the reason is because of the situation with immigration right now,” said Villalobos. “The people are concerned that if they don't start doing it maybe things will get to where they can't.”

Villalobos said sometimes people get married solely for documentation in immigration so it's important to prove the marriage entered in good faith. But once it is official, the spouse that is a U.S. citizen files a petition on their behalf to become a permanent resident, which the attorney said takes about 10 months to a year. for the I-130 to be approved.

From there, the petitioner will get notices from immigration with a series of steps.

If you're thinking about going through this process, Villalobos advises consulting with an attorney to make sure every step is done properly.

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