Jury orders RGV Vipers to pay $250,000 to Starr County man, Vipers to appeal

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    A jury decided the Rio Grande Valley Vipers must pay $250,000, but the dispute may not be settled just yet as the Vipers plan to appeal the case.

    Jose Solis was promised a brand-new Jaguar if he made the shots. However, he never went home with a car that night as officials for the Vipers told him they wanted to review the shots.

    Days turned into weeks and Solis felt that determining the results of the contest was no longer the matter.

    "After that it became a question of what was the prize,” Solis said.

    Solis then took the battle to the courtroom.

    "It has been over six years. a lot of emotion, a lot of battles, ups and downs,” Solis said. “I feel vindicated."

    A verdict was finally reached this week as Solis' legal team presented testimonies from employees for the Vipers.

    Attorney Joe Corteguera said they each gave a different version of what the contest was.

    "Several of them said that he had not completed with the contest for a different reason,” Corteguera said. “One of them had even thought Mr. Solis had been awarded the vehicle and had gotten the vehicle."

    CBS 4 reached out to the Vipers who said in a statement in part; “The jury were given five questions to answer, among which were to make a determination on the issue of fraud, and a separate determination

    on the issue of breach of the basketball contest. The jury answered the question of fraud, but did not answer on the issue of breach of contest, which is the premise of the claim."

    The Vipers provided a video and said in the statement, “As evidenced by the video of the contest, the plaintiff failed to properly execute the half-court shot by shooting the ball into the wrong hoop.”

    It is video that Corteguera said was never presented to them and adds the only video his client had was recorded by one of Solis' students at the time.

    As far as the rules, Solis said that all he was told was to just hit a three-point shot and a half-court shot in less than 60 seconds.

    Solis' legal counsel said if the Vipers win the appeal they will try the case again.

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