Dallas area man goes missing after seeking dental work in Mexico

    Noel Shankle of Carrolton, Texas

    Noel Shankle of Carrollton, Texas calls his daughter every night to wish her sweet dreams.

    "He has a 4-year-old and calls her every night to say goodnight," said Nelly Shankle, Noel's mother.

    The 28-year-old father hasn't made that call since last Friday.

    In fact, he hasn't spoken to any of his family members in the Dallas area since flying into Harlingen.

    "We know he rented a car from Hertz in Harlingen and even got insurance to drive it into Mexico." said Shankle

    Noel was heading south of the border to Matamoros or Reynosa to have dental work done.

    "I took him to the dentist up here a few weeks ago and he needed a lot of work done, but he said he didn't want to pay that much so he was going to Mexico to get it done for cheap."

    He'd apparently been to the Valley and Mexico with friends in the past, but as far as his family knows, Noel doesn't have any contacts here now.

    They have no idea where he could be since he was supposed to turn the 2011 silver Nissan Altima back into the rental car company on Sunday and did not.

    "It's not like him to do this. He would never do this to his family. He had $500 on him and a debit card and his card has not been used."

    The family has many unanswered questions since Noel's phone is dead. They want to know if he even make it into Mexico and if so, why hasn't he come home yet.

    "We just want him home." A missing persons report has been filed back home and the family contact the US and Mexican Embassy.

    Anyone who has come in contact with Noel Shankle in the valley is asked to call authorities immediately.

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