Defense Secretary visits the military in the Rio Grande Valley

(Source: Pool Photo)

Secretary of Defense James Mattis visited the military at the Donna Base Camp Wednesday morning.

Upon his arrival, the troops gave a breakdown of what they're doing on this temporary assignment to the southern border.

However, with South Texas having the shortest distance to the border, there were challenges that the armed forces addressed.

"You can see the advantage that we have in Texas is of course we have an obstacle with the Rio Grande and then traffic is controlled over bridges,” said one officer. “Which again is very helpful, the downside is it's not hard to get across the river and it's very easy to move quickly because the terrain is not tough.”

Aside from the barbed wire already put up at some of the port of entries, the Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen said they have other plans on deck.

"We have layers and layers of security built into all of this. But we are prepared to block them with cargo containers if the need arise,” said Nielsen.

The officers went on to give Mattis a tour of the base and reassured him that the morale of the troops on a short notice deployment is “exceptional.”

Mattis also asked one officer, “Did you learn some things while on deployment?”

In response the officer said, “Absolutely sir, everything is in some respect and movement to contact and you have to develop the situation. We did learn some great lessons, I think, that helps us as we look to multi-domain operations wherever the nation may ask us to go.”

The officers in charge also told Mattis that they have all the resources they need and don’t need anything else from the government to achieve their mission.

For now, the troops will stay put even though the caravan is not headed to the Rio Grande Valley,

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