Dog found drowned in cage in Port Isabel

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"It's very sad that someone had did this to this dog."

A dog abandoned, caged and left to drown.

Cameron County Constables and Port Isabel PD received a call around 9 p.m. Sunday saying a dog was found in the Long Island Village area in Port Isabel.

Cameron County Constable Pct.1, Pedro Delgadillo, said the dog was dead upon arrival.

Cameron County animal control couldn't retrieve the dog at that time.

"They said that it was going to be until Monday get to the dog."

Monday, animal control and the constables went to recover animal.

When they brought him ashore, the cage showed signs of struggle.

"He was trying to get out of the cage. You see it was a little pried open. Being in the cage was hard for the dog to get out."

After animal control took the dog to the local veterinarian, they learned he wasn't chipped and had been in the water for the last two to three days.

Constable Delgadillo says he has zero tolerance for situations like this.

"It's very sad to leave a dog in a cage like that. There will be some charges when we find out who did this," Delgadillo said.

The possible charge is cruelty to an animal which is a state jail felony, which could land someone locked up two years or less.

If you have any tips as to who did this call the constables office at 943-6757

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