Donna couple given birth day gift

A Donna couple will now be able to share the birth of their second child, Eden Rain.

We are very excited about having another baby on the way, Evangelynn Vasquez said. We couldn TMt be happier.

Evangelynn is getting induced tonight, and if all goes well her daughter will be born sometime tomorrow.

It TMs a moment she pictured sharing with her husband Roel Vasquez.

To support his family, Roel joined the Army and is now stationed at Gulf Port, Mississippi.

It TMs something he always wanted to do. I come from a military background so I supported him 100 percent, Evangelynn said.

But with service comes sacrifice -- Roel couldn TMt afford to fly home.

A week before Eden was due, Roel TMs extended family caught wind of the couple TMs predicament and his fellow laddermen took action.

The executive board agreed on it, that we help Roel come home for the birth of his child, Donna Volunteer Fire Department Chief David Simmons said.

Roel was a volunteer firefighter in Donna before he joined the armed forces.

He served the community; we are giving him something back, Chief Simmons said.

They gave his wife $600 to help pay for a roundtrip plane ticket arriving in time to hopefully see his daughter born.

I couldn TMt thank them enough, Evangelynn said.

Evangelynn said the gift was a miracle she prayed for.

Being there for the birth of your child, you can TMt undo that, you don TMt have a second chance, Evangelynn said.

Volunteer fire departments have limited budgets, but Chief Simmons says giving the gift was well worth the cost.

Our phrase for the fire department is 'always on hand;' when we needed him (Roel) he was always on hand, Evangelynn said. When we needed him he was always there.

And on the day of Eden TMs birth, Roel will be there too.

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