Donna mayoral candidate ineligible to seek office

(File photo)

One of four mayoral candidates is ineligible to seek office for the November 2017 election, according to a news release from the city of Donna.

Jose Ernesto Lugo Jr. was deemed “administratively ineligible” after the city secretary received a complaint on Wednesday questioning Lugo’s residency.

According to the city's charter, any person seeking office must reside in the city for a minimum of six months.

The news release states:

"According to official documents, upon Mr. Lugo's request, the City entered into an agreement with Mr. Lugo in 2016, whereby Mr. Lugo's property would remain outside the City's corporate limits for 15 years."

Though Lugo's name will stay on the ballot, he is ineligible to be elected.

"It is not possible to remove Mr. Lugo's name from the ballot this close to the election," Donna city attorney Eddy Treviño stated in the news release.

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