Donna police arrest two men accused of beating 70-year-old woman

Jacob Rosales, 21, and Jose Manuel Solis, 21, were arraigned Tuesday afternoon and given a $150,000 bond.

Two men are behind bars after Donna police say they broke into a 70-year-old woman's home and blindfolded, gagged and nearly beat her to death.

"They beat her over the head, they kicked her, she was sent to the hospital," said Captain Rick Suarez with the Donna Police Department.

The attack happened on the 400 block of Cedar Street as the elderly woman returned home and found three man waiting inside.

"They tied up her hands, put tape around her eyes, tape around her mouth," said Suarez. "During all this, they also beat her."

They then ransacked the home, stealing jewelry, cash and two of her vehicles. Several hours passed before the woman untied herself and ran outside asking for help.

Donna police responded within minutes.

"She was terrified, screaming, crying," said Suarez.

After hours of interrogation Tuesday afternoon, Donna police arrested one of the attackers, identified as 21-year-old Jacob Rosales.

Later that night, another suspect, Jose Manuel Solis, 21, turned himself in to authorities.

But police say the mastermind behind the vicious attacks, Julio Cesar Rivera, still hasn't been caught.

Police say it's Rivera who orchestrated the robbery because he used to handy work for the elderly woman and knew her routine.

"While the subjects were in the house, she recognized one of the men as a former employee of hers,"said Suarez. "He did work around her house. People should be very careful who they're hiring."

Donna police discovered the three men have ties to the Mexican mafia and are members of PRM, a known Mexican gang that is spreading into the Valley.

"There's about 100 of them here in the Valley," said Suarez. So, based on our intel, the men took the stolen vehicles and were photographed, showed to a cartel across the border, but they didn't like it, so they had to stash them somewhere and that's how we were able to locate the vehicles."

The two suspects who were arrested, Solis and Rosales, are facing felony charges for aggravated robbery and engaging in organized criminal activity.

The pair was arraigned Tuesday afternoon and were given a $150,000 bond.

The alleged ring leader, Julio Cesar River, 37, is still wanted by police.

If you know where he is, do not approach him as he is considered armed and dangerous and instead call Donna Crime Stoppers at 956-464-8477.

Agencies from state, local and federal levels assisted in this case.

The woman is still recovering from her injuries.

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