Donna woman impacted by flooding caught in jurisdiction dispute

As a Donna woman's home is impacted by flooding caused by heavy rains this week, city and county officials are claiming it's not in their jurisdiction to fix the area's drainage.

Marie Flood is 80 years old and has lived in her mobile home in Donna since the early 90's.

With the recent heavy rain, standing water has risen her mobile home —and has already broken two AC units.

"It's almost 90 degrees in there and I can't sleep, I can't do anything. It's really frustrating," Flood said.

Flood says she wants the drains cleaned.

Trash has collected inside the drains and it takes hours for the water to go down. But the problem is that no one is claiming jurisdiction.

Flood lives right on the dividing line of Donna and Weslaco and the drainage system is a part of Hidalgo County.

"The south side of the road where the drainage ditch is is county, but because we're in a triangle here with three different entities, everyone keeps saying it's somebody else's," said Flood.

CBS 4 reached out to Weslaco Emergency Management Officer Elizabeth Walker, who says because the address is in Donna, there is no way Weslaco could help with the drain.

CBS 4 spoke to Donna officials and were transferred three times until we got the planning director's voicemail.

The Hidalgo County Drainage District told us it was not their area, but instead Irrigation District No. 9.

At Irrigation District No. 9, no one answered and no voicemail box was set up for CBS 4 to leave a message.

Mike Reddick, who takes care of his mom, says he's been calling for months with the same result.

"I get angry, I get frustrated and when I try to do something to fix the problem, all I get is stone walls I want to scream," said Reddick.

With more rain expected, that leaves Mrs.'s Flood in murky waters.

"It scares the daylights out of me because I don't know what's going to happen next, if we don't get that drainage system cleaned out we might lose our house," said Reddick.

CBS 4 has called multiple times to Irrigation No. 9 since Thursday morning and no one has answered our calls.

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