Dry weather responsible for grass fires in the area

According to fire officials, small grass fires are common in the area due to the dry weather.

Strong winds are to blame for at least one grass fire in the Valley. Earlier today, the McAllen Fire Department responded to a grass fire at the intersection of McColl and Pecan.

On the other side of the Valley, another grass fire was reported in Laguna Vista off of highway 100.

According to fire officials, during this time of year, small grass fires are common. Captain James Farrell of the McAllen Fire Department tells CBS 4 that with this dry weather the department tends to take extra precautions because it is common to receive more calls regarding grass fires.

“This time of year with the drier weather, low humidity and that kind of stuff, there is more of a tendency to take extra and special caution to prevent grass fires,” says Farrell.

Farrell advises the public to keep their grass clean and cut. If barbecuing, do not leave the barbeque pit unattended and ensure that all coals are completely extinguished before disposing of them.

Farrell reminds the public that if you happen upon a grass fire, always call 911 first.

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