Dusty A/C vents make one Harlingen woman sick

Silvia Sauceda

Silvia Sauceda says she's frustrated; she's been calling Clean Air USA every week for the last month.

She told Action 4 no one is taking her calls, dust is continuing to build up in her home, and it's making her sick.

Silvia Sauceda wakes up gasping for breath.

She said it TMs because of the amount of dust coming through her air ducts.

Like right now, I could go and sit outside on my patio and I could breathe better than I can inside this house," said Silivia Sauceda.

She is legally blind and has severe allergies. It's why, she said, she had the air vents cleaned in the first place.

She hired Clean Air USA to complete the job in April and paid just over $200.

"They did a good job; I could tell they did. Because of the difference, I was able to breathe better."

She said that didn't last very long.

A few months later, there was lots of dust blowing out of her air vents.

Sauceda even had to put in air purifiers.

Ms. Sauceda said you TMd see more dust than what is out, but that TMs because she cleans her home every single day due to ongoing health problems.

She said she can't afford to let the dust buildup because it TMs making her sick.

That TMs why she's called Clean Air USA almost every week for the last month.

"If this problem was resolved and they had cleaned my air ducts, I wouldn TMt be suffering this sinus infection that I have now," claimed Sauceda.

Action 4 reached out to the owner of Clean Air USA and he says his company went under.

He does plan to honor Sauceda TMs one year warranty, but says he hasn TMt been able to go to her home due to doctor's orders because of an unexpected physical injury.

He plans to resolve the issue by October first.

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