Edinburg Mayor believes voter fraud arrests politically motivated

    (Source: KGBT Photo)

    A total of 14 people are charged with voter fraud in the 2017 Edinburg Municipal Election.

    Authorities arrested nine of them on Thursday.

    Edinburg Mayor, Richard Molina, believes one family that he said lost power in the city of Edinburg is behind the voter fraud accusations.

    It’s the second round of arrests, which stem from an ongoing investigation of political workers who allegedly convinced people to change their home address to participate in the Edinburg Election, which is a surprise to Molina.

    "Residency is always hard to prove where people live and people's intent to live somewhere where it's not the government’s job to decide where they live,” said Molina.

    However, Richard Garcia, who was the Mayor of Edinburg for 11 years, is not surprised by the investigation.

    "I’m not surprised, I think everyone was shocked and surprised by the numbers,” said Garcia. “The state says it was an organized effort, I don't know if the left hand knew what the right hand was doing and how it far it was pushed, but it certainly stuck out like a sore thumb."

    Molina unseated the long-time mayor by 1,240 votes.

    "This wasn't a vote that took place where there was a few votes. That's what the whole message is behind this is that they want to taint each in every election and cry foul when they're sour grapes,” said Molina.

    The Attorney General’s Office said more arrests are expected to be made in connection to the illegal voting scheme.

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