Edinburg police searching for missing elderly man

Police said his family filed a missing persons report Sunday and there's still no sign of him.

Officers have initiated a full on-search for 90 year old Ernesto Salinas.

His family told Action 4 News that he was last seen Saturday evening.

A team of 30 investigators and two canines were brought in to help bring Ernesto Salinas home.

His son, Lupe, said his father has wandered off before and Ernesto has dementia and is on blood thinners for a heart condition.

It TMs been so long...this is the first time he's never-we've always found him immediately or someone has seen him, said Lupe Salinas.

Lupe told us he's concerned about his father.

"He needs to get home, he's a pretty smart man. He'll stop get water, get a sandwich, but if he's walking he will not find direction if he is not going to ask."

He said his dad had less than ten dollars in his wallet. He TMs worried it won TMt last very long.

Police agree there is reason for concern-the clock is ticking especially in this hot weather.

"Time is of the essence and that's why we TMre out here right now," said Edinburg Police Lt. Oscar Trevino.

It TMs something you don't expect to happen to you--and it does happen. So take care of your family, take care of the elderly because this is where it TMs all at right now. My father is missing and we're looking for him," Lupe Salinas said.

Edinburg police say they will continue to search for Ernesto Salinas until they find him or when all leads have been exhausted.

A silver alert warning has been issued for Salinas.

They are urging anyone with information on his whereabouts to give them a call at 289-7700 or 383-7411.

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