Edinburg’s growth helps pay off cities debt

(Source: KGBT Photo)

The city of Edinburg is the fastest growing city in the Valley and there is no sign they are slowing down.

In the past 11 months, they have approved close to 1,500 building permits.

Whether it's restaurants, retail or new housing, the City of Edinburg is booming.

"Our building permits, in the past 11 months 1,449 permits have gone out," said City of Edinburg Mayor, Richard Molina.

Molina said population numbers are quickly increasing.

"We are very near the number of 100,000 people and we are almost hitting the threshold of 100,000 people in population. We are growing quickly," said Molina.

Molina said with population growth comes demand, opening more businesses along the way.

Exotic Berry recently opened its doors to customers three months ago.

"We are off to a very good start," said Robert Elizondo, Edinburg’s location owner.

Elizondo says he specifically choose to open his location in Edinburg due to the population hike.

“I did notice this was a fast-growing area, I like the area high traffic," Elizondo said.

Molina said a lot of the growth is due to the medical school, which shows in the local sales tax increase.

"Our sales tax has gone up 7%, and that just lets you know there is a lot of retail, a lot of restaurants that really make that sales tax boom," said Molina.

Mayor Molina says the sales tax increase has helped pay for some of the cities debt.

"That helps us catch up and pay off some of that bad debt that was from the previous administration," said Molina.

On average, the city says they have approved, on average, 131 building permits every single month for the past 11 months.

In September, construction around the city was estimated to be $11 million.

"We can grow to the east, to the north. We can grow west, I think that has a lot to do with it,” said Molina.

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