Fake JLo tickets sold after Valley summer concert announced

    Jennifer Lopez fans reported they paid high prices for fake tickets for her summer show coming to the Valley in June at Bert Ogden Arena. According to venue officials the official Lopez tickets have not gone on sale. (Source CBS 4)

    It didn't take long for fans to rush and buy tickets for Jennifer Lopez's summer concert that is coming to the Valley.

    The bad part about that is Lopez fans purchased fake tickets.

    And some fans reported they paid high prices for the fake tickets.

    "I started seeing people saying tickets are available here and I clicked on the link and I tried my best to let people know hey buyer beware, don't do that you know," said Shalimar Madrigal, Bert Ogden Arena marketing specialist. "The only official place to purchase your ticket is Bert Ogden Arena dot com and Axis dot com."

    Madrigal said the show is scheduled for June 22, but tickets have not gone on sale.

    Officials are expected to announce ticket date sales within the next few weeks.

    "You'll notice on our website on Bert Ogden Arena dot com, there's no photos because we haven't gotten them yet," Madrigal said about the upcoming Lopez concert. "We haven't got group photos, videos, there's nothing."

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