Families in Harlingen displaced by fire

A father of two boys is saying a teen boy saved the life of his two kids and his own, after a fire destroyed four units in an apartment complex.

For this father of two boys it was an emotional day, Mario Martinez said he's grateful for a lot of things, especially for having his boys.

"As long as I got my two kids get out It's good I saw everybody out here, god is good that is all I cared about," said Mario Martinez.

Mario says he was making his boys something to eat when they heard a knock, a knock from his neighbor; Mike the teenage boy that lives upstairs. The fire started on the second floor when Mike frantically ran door to door advising people to get out. For Mario it TMs the knock that saved his life.

"We got a little emotional with him me and my kids hugged him. To me he saved our lives," added Martinez.

Although Martinez says he is okay and lost some of his belongings, Mario is more worried about Mike and his family.

"They need help they lost everything," said Mario Martinez.

Mario is already in a new apartment and neighbors are offering to help. As for Mike and his family they have been given a new apartment. A total of four families were displaced management gave some of the families a hotel stay for a week until a new apartment becomes available.

If anyone is interested in helping the families displaced by the fire they can call 956-423-0527 or contact Property Manager Victoria de la Garza

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