Family Crisis Center: If you’re a domestic violence victim, come forward

(Source: File Video)

1 in 4 women in the United States are victims of domestic abuse, including in Hidalgo County. Last year, in Hidalgo County, there were over 1,283 cases of domestic abuse.

This year, 1,052 cases have already been taken to the District Attorney's Office.

Following the death of a San Juan woman who was murdered by her boyfriend last week, experts are urging victims and friends of theirs to come forward before it's too late.

There are many types of domestic violence, physical and emotional, and there are even more signs pointing towards it.

For example, put downs in public and mood swings and telltale signs something is wrong in a relationship.

Experts say it can start off small and escalate with time and can almost always be prevented with just a little help.

"Seek guidance from family, friends. If you feel like you can't, contact the crisis center yourself, have a family or friend or someone you trust get the help out there," said Yvette Riojas, Community Educator for the Family Crisis Center.

If you know of someone dealing with domestic abuse, they can call the Family Crisis Center of the Rio Grande Valley's Hotline. They can be reached at (956) 423-9304 or 1-866-423-9304.

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