Family of 5 yr old allegedly raped by teen fears 'slap on the wrist' punishment

Behind the tall brush and thick trees at an abandoned property near the intersection of Breedlove Street and Kilbourn Road north of Harlingen, is where a father said his 5-year-old daughter's innocence was taken away.

"I just wanted to break down," he said. "She's so little."

The alleged sexual assault took place on the evening of Sunday, September 2nd.

The victim's father said his daughter was lured to the location by a 15-year-old male who's also at their friend's BBQ.

A Cameron County Sheriff's Department report indicts the suspect in question pulled down her pants and told her to look at the stars.

Action 4 News does not identify alleged victims of sexual abuse.

In order to protect the girl's identity, the father is being referred to as "Joe" by Action 4 News.

"My daughter is very distant," he said. "It's very frustrating to see the new her, where she's not the same [since the assault]."

A rape kit has been performed on the girl.

"Joe" said it revealed semen inside of his daughter TMs rectum.

The fluid is being compared to DNA taken from the suspect to see if there's a positive match.

The results could take months to complete.

"Joe" fears justice won't be served.

"I heard where they have harsher penalties for drugs, but this was a sex crime... And not just a minor, a child... My baby," he explained.

The juvenile is facing a charge of indecency with a child.

He's been released from a juvenile detention center but must be kept under adult supervision, according to "Joe."

The father said he's been told by the Cameron County District Attorney's Office that even if charges are upgraded to rape, first time juvenile offenders often don't face serious penalties, but rather rehabilitation.

A plea deal will likely take place, according to Joe.

He called that unacceptable.

"They're practically saying that he'll get away with it with just probation of 2 years... Not even registered sex offender," he said.

"Joe" hopes the maximum punishment is handed down to the teen accused of raping and sodomizing his daughter.

He hopes to advocate the Texas Legislature for a harsher punishment for juvenile predators.

The Cameron County D.A.'s office would not comment on the father TMs allegations of a likely plea deal or minimum punishment because it TMs an ongoing criminal investigation.

A spokesperson adds information involving juvenile cases can not be disclosed because it is confidential by law.

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