Fate of Confederate monument at Brownsville park still being reviewed

Progress as to what should be done with the Jefferson Davis Monument in Washington Park is at a standstill.

Further developments regarding the fate of the Jefferson Davis Monument in Washington Park in Brownsville is at a standstill.

Brownsville City Commissioner Ben Neece says the reason everything is stagnant is due to the city needing to identify stakeholders' claims.

Back in March, a local organization, the Frontera Progressives, presented city commissioners with several options in an effort to begin a deciding process for the Confederate monument's fate.

Since then, the Daughters of the Confederacy claimed they own the monument.

"I guess since their name is on the thing and they gave it to the city that makes them somehow a stakeholder in all of this. I question that," said Frontera Progressives Co-Founder Mark Kaswan. "As far as I know, the United Daughters of Confederacy have no membership in the city of Brownsville."

Efforts were made to make contact with the Daughters of the Confederacy's headquarters, but CBS 4 News did not receive a response regarding the confederate monument.

Commissioner Neece says the goal now is to listen to all parties.

"We are trying to get the interested parties and the stakeholders to the table so we can have discussions and get input from everybody," Neece said.

Commissioner Neece says that the plan is to have all the interested parties at a meeting on June 1.

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