Father seeking closure in the death of his daughter caught in crossfire

    Father seeking closure in the death of his daughters caught in crossfire (Source CBS 4 News)

    It's a heartbreaking case of twists and turns about two daughters and their mother who were shot in their McAllen home.

    But now a father is searching for answers after McAllen Police have refused to release details and documents about his family's murder.

    "We don't know what really really happened," said Hector Garcia, who was on the phone with his youngest daughter during the horrific events that left his wife and daughter dead.

    "We were talking and suddenly I hear, 'Cruz has a gun! Cruz has a gun!' I heard three shots and the phone dropped, it went dead," Garcia said.

    McAllen Police were called to a home on North 3rd Street on January 27, 2017 in reference to a domestic disturbance after Cruz Pinon, 30, was threatening his step-daughters and his wife, Verenice Garcia with a gun.

    Police arrived to the house and asked everyone to come outside.

    The daughters and mother came outside with Police, and Pinon came to the front door and opened fire at police with the victims right in the middle Garcia believes.

    When Pinon started firing his gun, officers fired back, according to Garcia.

    That's when Garcia believes his daughters and ex-wife were caught in the cross fire.

    "The only thing I saw was Verenice on the ground," Garcia said as he recalled pulling up to the crime scene seeing his dead wife's body on the front lawn.

    Now, two years later, Garcia just wants one thing.

    "Closure," Garcia said as he hugged a picture of his daughter.

    "I really need closure, for my family because everyday we wake up and we say what really really happened?"

    In pursuit of closure, Garcia hired attorney Alex Martinez to help him find answers.

    "We've only been given a press release." Martinez said in reference to the case, "We got a few reports from incidents not pertaining to the date in question, but nothing we actually need."

    Martinez said the family has been denied any information from police, even though the case is closed, according to MPD.

    "Sometimes the cover up is worse than the crime," Martinez said. "They ordered the hospital to not release any medical records."

    Garcia has filed a lawsuit against the City of McAllen and McAllen Police Officers A. Garza, Michael Soto, Joel Villegas and other unidentified McAllen Police Officers for the unjustified shootings of his minor daughters, Ashley K. Garcia ("Ashley"), which resulted in her death, and L.L.G., which resulted in serious injuries.

    The lawsuit says the daughters and their mom were shot by handguns used by McAllen Police during the exchange of gun fire between officers and Pinon.

    Martinez says it is impossible for all of them have been shot, solely by Pinon's gun.

    "Factually what they're alleging, it's not possible, it is simply not possible and that's why its understandable to avoid information from getting out," Martinez said.

    CBS 4 Valley reached out to McAllen Police, they refused to comment.

    The City Attorney's office did not returned calls or emails for comment.

    Martinez says now that the lawsuit is filed, they hope more answers will follow.

    If not, Garcia is ready for a trial.

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