FBI asks public to help locate missing Marine

The FBI is asking the public for information to help locate a former Marine who was kidnapped in Mexico three weeks ago.

Armando Torres III spent seven years in the Marines serving in Iraq during Operation Freedom.

Fully trained in combat, Torres could now be in a battle for his life.

Torres, his father and uncle went missing May 14th.

Since then his family has been in daily contact with the FBI.

They tell me to be patient, they tell me they have nothing new today, said a family member who wishes to remain anonymous.

Torres traveled to La Barranca, Tamaulipas to visit his father TMs ranch the day he was kidnapped.

The FBI tells Action 4 Torres who is an American citizen, his father Armando Torres II and his uncle Salvador Torres who are Mexican citizens, were kidnapped by armed gunman.

"I TMm not sure why they would take him, but I do think they don TMt realize he is a Marine, said a family member.

Since that day no one has seen or heard from them.

But their family refuses to give up hope that they are still alive.

"I feel that I've been fighting up to this point and I have not heard any bad news so, no news is good news," said a family member.

Sources say the kidnapping is cartel related, but the motive is still unclear.

The FBI is currently investigating 75 active cases of kidnapping in Mexico.

Although many more are reported missing, the FBI doesn TMt begin investigating until it can be proven a crime has been committed.

We developed information early on through witnesses and other means that these individuals, Mr. Torres, his father and uncle were taken by force, Erik Vasys, media coordinator for FBI San Antonio said.

If you have any information on this case contact the FBI-Brownsville Office at 956-546-6922

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