First on 4: Inside the Donna Base Camp

    (Source: KGBT Photo)

    What was an open field is what the military is referring to as the Donna Base Camp and CBS 4 got an inside look of the troops’ living facility.

    It is home for some of the troops in the Valley as they fulfill their temporary assignment away from home to support Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

    The base camp is where troops will eat, sleep on cots and even freshen up after a day of support missions.

    A medical treatment facility also lies within the field providing assistance to anyone who walks through their tents, including the immigrants.

    "We have the ability to do labs, any dental work. We also will be able to have a health specialist here just to also make sure that all the folks working in the area are taken care of while their operating here,” said Army Specialist, Lee Dimaculangan.

    One of the things that the Dept. of Homeland Security and CBP had requested for is the soldier's support in placing barriers along the border.

    On Thursday, the troops were putting up concertina wire around the McAllen-Hidalgo International Bridge.

    "The purpose is that border patrol and border security decided that these were areas that needed to be reinforced,” said Platoon Sgt. Edward Washington. “So, we're out here putting a wire that they desire to repel anyone that's in an unauthorized area."

    However, the troops will not be conducting any arrests.

    "We call it the standing rules of force and so the only personnel who are carrying any sort of sidearm are our military police officers,” said Sgt. Major Faith Laughter. “And again, that's only so they can provide force protection to our soldiers.”

    Although the troops are away from home, the idea of helping their fellow brothers and sisters in uniform is what keeps their morale up.

    The troops are expected to remain at the border until mid-December.

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