Food 4 Thought - Amazing comeback for 'dirtiest restaurant of 2010'

Shogun on North 10th Street in McAllen has turned from the dirtiest kitchen in the Valley to the cleanest.The eatery TMs 5-year battle to "keep it clean" proved successful Wednesday when the Food Patrol awarded the owner a top performer sticker for zero demerits on a health report.

Tony Yu said it was his restaurant's first-ever achievement of this magnitude.

Over the last 5 years, Shogun has been featured on Food 4 Thought for high demerits, rodent contamination, city ordered closures and even fines.

"I'm a top performer right now."

That's what Yu now wants people to remember about the restaurant.

He credited the perfect health inspection report on his hard working staff and the Food Patrol for tough but fair reports.

Food Patrol: "Now that you're one of the cleanest... Did that kick in the butt help you?"

Tony: "Yea it pressured me and all the employees to work hard to get the reputation back."

Shogun was named "dirtiest kitchen" of 2010 on Food 4 Thought following three high demerit health inspection reports last year, which included a 60 demerit score.

Yu promised the public on Food 4 Thought to turn things around.

He's since purchased the building and has spent thousands of dollars in renovations, according to Yu.

The changes included upgrades to the floor, ceiling and areas of the kitchen.

He also hired a new manager to oversee health practices.

"We want people to come here and feel clean... Feel happy," he said.

Shogun may be a top performer, but the owner knows he has a long way to go in order to restore public trust.

Food Patrol: "Will the cleaning continue even after the sticker?"

Tony: "Yea we want to keep this everytime, not only 1 time."

Shogun's reputation appears to be on the right track, but as with all kitchens across the Valley, the Food Patrol is watching!

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