Food poisoning at Brownsville Taqueria connected to bistek tacos

    El Rey Del Taco in Brownsville. (Source: KGBT Photo)

    At least 29 people were sickened over two weeks ago at El Rey Del Taco in Brownsville, according to reports from the Brownsville Police Department obtained by CBS 4. According to these reports, people who ate tacos at the restaurant visited at least three different emergency rooms in the Brownsville area.

    Those sickened by bistek tacos reportedly visited Valley Regional Medical Center, Valley Baptist Medical Center-Brownsville and Exceptional Emergency Care in Brownsville just hours after eating at El Rey Del Taco. Officers responding at Valley Regional Medical Center could hear “the sounds of persons painfully throwing up.”

    Hours after the incident, Brownsville Police and the Brownsville Health Department went to El Rey Del Taco on Alton Gloor Road to close the restaurant until the possible food poisoning incident was investigated. The investigation has since been taken over by the Cameron County Health Department. There has been no update to the investigation as of Friday morning.

    Last week, Attorney Anthony Coveny from Ron Simon and Associates, a law firm focused on food borne illnesses, said they are representing eight families, who became ill after reportedly eating at the restaurant. They have filed a lawsuit accusing the restaurant of negligence.

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