Former Hidalgo County Sheriff officially out of federal custody

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    According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Tuesday was former Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Treviño's, last day in federal custody after serving nearly four years for money laundering.

    Treviño, 69, who was first elected as Hidalgo County Sheriff in 2005, pled guilty to money laundering in 2014.

    Treviño was accused of accepting money for his 2012 re-election campaign from Weslaco drug trafficker, Tomas Gonzalez, also known as "El Gallo."

    A judge sentenced Treviño to five years in federal prison. Former Hidalgo County District Attorney, Rene Guerra, who has known the former sheriff for more than 20 years, said was unreasonable.

    "I don't believe her (the judge’s) sentence was fair,” said Guerra. “I don't believe that she took account his long public service not only to Hidalgo County, but to the State of Texas and the nation when he was my investigator and the head of my task force."

    Treviño's actions in law enforcement was what residents like Gerardo Tovar of Edinburg noticed.

    "I did vote for him because I had seen what he did at the time and it seemed like he was a person that was trustworthy,” said Tovar.

    However, Tovar felt betrayed following the charge against Treviño.

    "You feel like you've been betrayed because they do something like this and you hope once again that their trustworthy and you can rely on them to do the right thing,” said Tovar.

    Others believe Treviño was released from federal custody too soon.

    "I think more time should have been served. I mean what he did because there’s so many things going on at a time. I mean he had a special position as a sheriff,” said Lynn Buckland of Pharr. “If we can't even trust our law enforcement people, who do you trust?”

    While a chance to once again walk free is what people think he has earned

    "He deserves another chance to get back into society and hopefully become productive,” said Tovar.

    CBS 4 reached out to Sheriff Eddie Guerra for comment but he was unavailable, CBS 4 also reached out to Treviño's family, who declined to comment and has asked for privacy.

    Treviño's son, Johnathan, is serving 17 years in federal prison following the Panama Unit corruption scandal.

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