Former Marine claims military vaccines gave him brain damage

Justin Gerhardt had high hopes for himself.

"I was really interested in becoming a Marine Corps officer. It's something I always wanted to do since I was a child."

He had some big shoes to fill.

"My dad was in the military, and so was my uncle and my grandfather."

After graduating college he was determined to become an officer in the US Marines, but during officer candidate school everything changed.

"I was given 7 vaccinations and I got sick. I had a fever and could barely tie my boots. I had a seizure."

At 23, Justin's officer dreams were cut short as he was rushed to the hospital in Bethesda for symptoms he claims were caused by the vaccines administered.

"I have brain damage."

5 years later Justin is considered 90 percent disabled and cannot work.

He lives on his own in Brownsville, but gets a lot of assistance from his parents.

Justin also has to take medication for anxiety to get through the day and even to get to sleep.

He's filed a federal lawsuit against the Department of Health and Human Services for injuries stemming from the vaccinations he received.

Justin says he's been offered a settlement and has turned it down.

He wants his case to go to trial so his story is told possibly saving another hopeful Marine from experiencing the same misfortune.

"That's why I'm doing this. For my brothers the Marines."

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