Former mayor fires back after 8-liner allegations

Pat Ahumada out on bond

Former mayor of Brownsville, Pat Ahumada, is speaking out about his arrest on Friday night.

The alleged owner of Goldmine 777 was taken into custody after authorities raided the 8-liner on U.S. 77 and Price Road in Brownsville.

An illegal gambling facility in Port Isabel was also raided, and is believed to be owned by Ahumada as well.

Response to 8-liner allegations:

"To all my friends who probably already heard about my arrest for operating a Sweepstakes Internet Cafe, I ask that you continue to believe in me and that you have faith that we will prove that I was not operating an eightliner enterprise as the news reports the DA has alleged.

We will also prove this overzealous DA has a personal vendetta and has used taxpayers resources to persecute me. although, he failed the first time, Luis Saenz is determined to ruin my reputaton and my livelihood again.

I want everyone to recall he prosecuted me for a banker's mistake when the teller deposited a check into my account erroneously and was returned immediately when I was informed it was not my check, but this man tried hard to convict me of theft and I was found innocent.

Now, he has singled me out for operating a internet cafe and is supposedly saying it is an eight-liner establishment.

He has once again used taxpayers resources to pursue a personal vendetta that will be exposed during trial.

I have operated my business legally and kept all local law enforcement agencies informed of my business with an open invitation to check the legitimacy of our business.

I was transparent and now this man knowingly took it upon himself to raid my establishment for political gain when he was aware a TRO (Temporary Restraing Order) had been filed against him when he made his intention publicly known to shut me down.

He took it upon himself to be judge, prosecutor, and jury without respecting the TRO filed and letting a judge decide the legalities before raiding.

We also informed the city and PD, along with the DA in writing what the business was and that we would voluntarily close if they had any law that prohibits internet sweepstakes.

To single me out of all the other similar establishments goes to show how personal this matter is to the District Attorney Luis Saenz.

I only ask that people know that I would not be operating a sweepstakes store illegally and look forward to my day in court.

Your prayers are welcomed and appreciated.

I will not cower towards this man, nor anyone who abuses his office to intimidate others into submission as he tried to do before.

I have a right to make a living and Sweepstakes is legal based on all that has been made known to me and by consent of PD, TABC, and the city prior to today.

Do not let this man who the people elected to use the office for personal vengenance.

Sweepstakes is better than owning a bar and has customers leave happy without getting drunk. It is entertainment and he wants to criminalize sweepstakes and the customers.

I guess the DA will h ave to shut down Home Depot, McDonalds, Staples, radio stations and many other establishements that promote sweepstakes, along with citizens who play sweepstakes from the privacy of their own home online. What a sad day in Cameron County and in America that evil of people with hate are put into office to use the power in corrupt ways."

Thank you,Pat Ahumada

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