Former Tamaulipas governor named in Texas money laundering case

Former Tamaulipas Governor Tomas Yarrington // Photo via

The name of a former Tamaulipas governor appears in a San Antonio money laundering case alleging links to high-ranking members of the Zetas and Gulf Cartel.

Federal agents arrested money laundering suspect Antonio Pea-Arguelles on Wednesday.

Pea-Arguelles is accused of laundering millions of dollars for the Zetas and Gulf Cartel between 2000 and 2012.

A criminal complaint shows that Pea-Arguelles is accused of funneling money to former Tamaulipas Governor Tomas Yarrington.

The complaint show that the Zetas claimed responsibility for the murder Pea-Arguelles' brother Alfonso Pea-Arguelles in Nuevo Laredo back in November.

A banner left with the body claims that Pea-Arguelles and his brother took $5 million dollars meant to be used to bribe Yarrington.

According to the complaint, Zetas leader Miguel Trevio-Morales sent a lengthy text message to Pea-Arguelles.

The text message alleges that Pea-Arguelles, Gulf Cartel leader Jorge Eduardo Costilla-Sanchez and Yarrington plotted to kill Tamaulipas gubenatorial candidate Rodolfo Torre-Cantu back in June 2010.

Yarrington is among three former Tamaulipas governors under investigation by Mexico's Attorney General's Office.

The former governor has not posted messages to his Facebook and Twitter accounts since Wednesday.

Action 4 News sent Yarrington an email inquiry through his website but has not received a reply.

Click here for a full PDF copy of the the Pea-Arguelles criminal complaint
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