The Rio Grande Valley could be in the path of tropical trouble

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    The latest on that area of low pressure in the Caribbean has it designated as Investigation 91L, east of Yucatan Peninsula and still on track to move northwesterly in to the southwestern Gulf of Mexico later this week Thursday and Friday. There is still no data suggesting how well defined or strong this system may end up. The National Hurricane Center shows a 20% chance it will become better organized during the next 5 days.

    Right now upper level conditions aren't all that great for development with plenty of shear aloft, that's a fancy way to say too much wind blowing the wrong way. Sea surface temperatures in the southwestern Gulf are warm but not super-hot. Conditions for this system to become a raging tropical event don't seem likely.

    What does seem possible is for the low to strengthen somewhat then head toward the Mexico coast by the weekend and pump in a ton of tropical moisture northward, feeding widespread heavy rain along the Mexico/Texas coasts, including the Rio Grande Valley.

    The short of it is make sure you have your hurricane plan complete that way you'll be prepared ahead of any storm to come.

    You can find tips and more information to get ready for the storm by clicking here.

    Also, download the free CBS 4 News and Stormtracker 4 Weather app on your device for all the latest information as we track the storm. Click here to download for your device.

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