Gas shortage in Mexico doesn't stop avocado exports for Super Bowl

(Source: File Photo)

As Super Bowl LIII approaches, avocados will be the hot commodity in the next two weeks. Mexico prioritizing Americas demands, while the country continues to face a gas shortage.

Long lines at the pump have continued in Mexico after President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador switched the delivery of gas from pipelines to trucks.

“Truck drivers, are actually going to be well paid because they need it in a hurry,” said Teo Sepulveda, Economic Professor at South Texas College.

Sepulveda says the Mexican president’s move is to combat corruption and organized crime in Mexico.

One of the Mexican states affected in this shortage, is Michoacán, the number one exporter of avocados.

“More than $2 billion worth of avocados cross through the Valley each year,” said Sepulveda.

At the Pharr International Bridge, 60% of the United States produce, crosses through the port of entry, avocado being their number one export.

Super Bowl Sunday is Michoacán’s largest season of avocado exports and they did not want to disappoint.

The Association of Avocado Producer and Export Packers of Mexico (APEAM) said in a statement:

"Till this day there is still a gas shortage, but we have only had delays locally. APEAM is in favor of the government taking a stand against corruption and we are confident that the exports of avocado will continue."

According to APEAM, 1,300 trucks full of avocados will leave Michoacán to the United States every week in preparation of the Super Bowl, which is equivalent to sending a truck every six minutes.

Surpassing previous numbers of avocado exports to the U.S. for the Super Bowl in past years.

“Avocado is a huge market for Mexican exporters and the United States is the main destination,” said Sepulveda.

According to the Pharr International Bridge Spokesperson, 60-80 avocado trucks are crossing daily. As the Super Bowl approaches, those numbers are expected to double.

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