Gov. Abbott wants to put best teachers on path to six-figure salary

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott arrives for the Texas GOP Convention, Friday, June 15, 2018, in San Antonio. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

NEW BRAUNFELS — Gov. Greg Abbott got advice Monday from local teachers on how to improve the state’s education system.

Abbott met with 8 Comal Independent School District teachers for about an hour Monday for a round table discussion. A primary point of discussion was raising teacher pay and incentives to keep good teachers from leaving the classroom for better paying jobs.

“We want to structure a compensation plan that will put the best educators on the pathway to earning a six-figure salary,” Abbott said.

According to the Comal ISD educators, money is a major motivator in keeping talented teachers.

“There’s a component of that which is financial and what can we do to ensure that our students receive opportunities to learn from the best of the best,” said Brittney Lanehart.

“I put in 20 years and sometimes I still worry and I’m going to be able to send my son to college so he doesn’t come out in debt already,” said Lisa Cramer, a first grade teacher.

Abbott said there is "one one size fits all" solution. But he will be looking to the legislature to find state tax dollars to help improve teacher pay without directly impacting homeowners.

“We have been dealing with a flawed, if not broken, school finance system, and we need to figure out ways to improve school finance,” Abbott said.

At this point, Abbott doesn’t have specifics on a plan and he said more discussions like this are needed.

On Tuesday, Abbott is heading to Dallas for a second education round table.

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