Grandfather tried putting out flames on granddaughter's face

File Photo: Brownsville bomb crime scene

A grandfather made a desperate attempt to put out flames on his granddaughter's face.

It was the result of an explosion that rocked a Brownsville neighborhood earlier this month.

The documents are a narrative submitted by the first Brownsville police officer on the scene.

According to the report, the officer arrived to the home on 3085 Resaca Vista Dr. on Jan.11.

At that time, EMS and fire crews were at the scene.

Behind the home, ambulances were transporting Jesus Juarez Jr., his wife Iviz Machado and their daughter Andrea Juarez. All three had facial burns.

Jesus Juarez Sr. told police he was sleeping, but could hear his son and his family getting ready for school.

All of a sudden, he along with other family members inside the house, were awaken by a loud noise.

Juarez Sr. said he ran downstairs and noticed a lot of smoke, and the heard the cries from his granddaughter Andrea and noticed her face was on fire.

He said he quickly grabbed her and pulled her to his chest to put out the flames.

Juarez senior said his son was also on fire, and his daughter-in-law was on the floor.

Another family member ran down and attempted to put out the flames with a large jug of water.

According Jesus Jr. they were on their way out when they noticed a Fed-Ex package on the door step.

They brought it inside and opened it. That's when it exploded.

Family told police no one was expecting a package.

Another family member also stated her boyfriend left the home the night before and did not see a package when he left.

At this time, the three injured in the blast are recovering from their injuries.

Police are asking anyone with information to contact Brownsville Crime Stoppers at 546-TIPS.

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