'Green power TM is the latest face in door-to-door scams

San Benito residents, be on the lookout for scammers using the AEP Texas name.

AEP Texas officials said bogus salesmen in the San Benito area are going door to door recommending the sale of Green Power.

Greed is the only thing green of the would-be salesmen that are taking your hard earned money.

Frank Espinoza with AEP wants to remind their customers to stay vigilant of these scammers.

According to a statement from AEP Texas, they will never ask for payments over the phone, in person or threaten a customer if a payment is not made immediately.

AEP does not endorse any retail electric provider or a retail electric provider.

AEP said if you are approached by the scammers, call San Benito police immediately at (956) 361-3880 and provide a description of the suspect.

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