Grieving step-mother vows to seek justice

A grieving step-mother, Noralba Gonzalez, could not fight back the pain and tears Friday as she talked about the boy she raised since childhood, Jaime Gonzalez.

The 15-year-old died after getting shot by police Wednesday at Cummings Middle School.

Police said the teen had a weapon on campus, refused to put it down, and pointed it at officers.

He was shot twice and killed.

It was then discovered the weapon was a pellet gun.

"I TMm going to unleash a fury and I TMm going to fight tooth and nail to make them pay for what they did to my son," Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez said she's received a lot of support from community members and church leaders and she asks for people's prayers for the family and the teen who she describes as an angel.

"He was an angel that year after year, would go dance to the Our Lady of Guadalupe, and maybe what God wanted this year was for him to go dance before our lady in heaven," the crying step-mother said.

Gonzalez's biological mother Irma Cuellar, did not want to speak to media, but those close to her tell Action 4 News - she was granted a permit until Sunday to attend her son's funeral services and burial.

However, they say since she's a Mexican national without a visa, it will be difficult for her to visit her son's gravesite in Brownsville.

Gonzalez also said that all those with an opinion about her step-son TMs death, should think twice before speaking.

"Think about what you're going to say, put yourself in my shoes, Gonzalez said.

Not because I TMm Hispanic do I stop being a mother, or having the heart I have - I TMm asking for respect for my son."

A church service will be held for Jaime Gonzalez Jan. 7 at Holy Family Catholic Church in Brownsville at 10 a.m. followed by his burial at Buena Vista Funeral Home.

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