Guns allowed on college campuses up for debate

Billie Garcia is a freshman at Texas State Technical College (TSTC). She is one of many that's had to move away from home to get a degree. When she left home her mother like many others, had a hard time. "She was a bit freaked out a bit nervous," Billie Garcia said. Stafini Guajardo understands the struggle Billie faced. "My mom was like [you need to be careful when going to school, there TMs a lot of weird people that walk back and forth] there TMs a lot of security so I don TMt worry about walking or anything but she was scared," sophomore TSTC Guajardo said. With safety at the top of everyone TMs list, Texas lawmakers are re-opening the debate to allow concealed handguns into college classrooms. The bill would allow concealed handgun license holders to carry their guns into campus buildings where they are currently banned. This bill stems from an incident that happened in Las Vegas. "She was raped at gunpoint in the parking lot and she said, "I obeyed the law and didn TMt carry my gun with me to school but the rapist didn TMt care about the law," State Rep. Steve Toth said. It's a bill met with mixed emotions. Billie said allowing guns would make college campuses less safe. I don TMt even think that that should even be brought up into legislation because what if one professor decides to bring a handgun and is not in a right mental state and does something that he will probably regret," Garcia said. "I TMm kind of undecided about it but I kind of think no because you never know if someone is going to get it and then that just creates another problem too, Guajardo said. To voice your concerns about this controversial bill, simply contact your representative before the bill comes up for a vote. Click here to follow Veronica on Facebook Click here to follow Veronica on Twitter
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