Construction on Harlingen Convention Center behind schedule due to rain

    The Harlingen Convention Center should have opened already this month.

    After more than a year of being under construction, the Harlingen Convention Center is still incomplete —and a hotel is still expected to be constructed.

    "Yes, it's a little bit behind schedule, but part of that delay has to do a lot with the weather," said Harlingen Assistant City Manager Carlos Sánchez.

    The city broke ground more than a year ago in August 2017, but heavy rain this summer delayed construction.

    The city of Harlingen approved 35 rain days for the contractor to have more time to finish construction.

    "They've established the walls,” Sánchez said. “Not necessarily the brick, but that allows them to continue or start working inside at the same time that they're working on the inside of the building."

    The city says that with the delays, the total cost has not changed and has stayed at about $16 million.

    By this month, a hotel was also supposed to be completed, but construction has not started.

    "We have been told that the financing at this point has been complete," Sánchez said.

    City officials say construction for the hotel should begin within the next month.

    The city says that there have not been any reservations at the convention center that have needed to be modified due to the construction delays.

    The convention center is expected to be completed by the end of January 2019.

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