Heavy rainfall floods streets in Harlingen

Over the past couple of days, the streets of Harlingen have received rainfall so strong it's flooding parts of the city.

Over the past couple of days, the streets of Harlingen have received rainfall so strong, it's flooding parts of the city.

Drainage issues during rainfall is an ongoing problem, according to assistant city manager Carlos Sanchez.

According to Sanchez, public works crews are always providing maintenance for drainage canals, storm sewer systems and sweeping roadways.

"All this is in preparation for conserving the efficiency of a storm sewer system," said Sanchez.

According to the National Weather Service, Harlingen saw more than six inches of rain Tuesday afternoon, with four of those inches coming down in two hours.

Tony Espinosa lives in a neighborhood on High Street that suffered significant flooding for the past two days. Espinosa's home was flooded in the hallways and in the back of his house.

"Water runs downhill. It's going to gather somewhere and if there's nowhere for it to drain, it's just going to come up into our property and the neighbor’s property," Espinosa said.

To combat flooding in the city, Harlingen’s drainage master plan is to provide a higher flood protection level.

"The areas that are susceptible to have some issues with drainage and they're going to see a longer period of water ponding in the roadways," explained Sanchez.

The plan consist of more than 30 projects costing more than $50 million.

The city plans to start the drainage project in the beginning of 2019.

If immediate assistance is needed, Harlingen residents can call public works at 956-216-5301 or you can download the city of Harlingen's mobile app, where you can file a request and receive updates on its status.

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