Heavy rains put a damper on voting in San Perlita

Heavy rains put a damper on voting in San Perlita

Crews continue to work on eliminating flooding in Willacy County as Election Day approaches.

There are 797 registered voters in San Perlita, but only 17 voters turned out to the polls, Willacy County Elections Administrator Hugo Leyva said.

"We've been so focused on the flooding right now that I didn't even know that there was elections going on," said Jose Renteria, a resident of San Perlita.

San Perlita residents will be voting on seven propositions, and a $3,000,000 bond for the construction and equipping of school buildings in the district.

"The election date is legislatively mandated, so the statewide election date is tomorrow November 3rd," said Albert Pena, the superintendent of schools.

If it passes, the old middle school building located along Farm-to-Market 2209 will be torn down, and a new elementary school building will be built.

They will also replace the gym locker room facilities.

"Anytime you sell bonds, it's going to impact your INS tax rate, so the taxes will go up a little bit. It will be dependent on how much aid we get from the state as well," said Pena.

Those who have a home with a $30,000 taxable value will have their taxes go up to $3.41 per month.

Living with flooded streets has become the norm for San Perlita resident Kody Martinez.

"I was able to go in the middle of the road and it was up to my knee," said Martinez.

Over a week ago, more than 14 inches of rain fell.

Residents are still cleaning up, and the school district hopes they don't forget about Tuesday's election.

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