Hidalgo County recovering from severe floods

Hidalgo County officials said they are in the recovery phase after heavy rains severly flooded large parts of the region.

Hidalgo County officials said they are hoping and waiting for the federal government to step in and issue a disaster declaration for the area, which would allow the Federal Emergency Management Agency to provide aid for flood victims still recovering after heavy rain on Wednesday and Thursday.

Precinct 1 Commissioner David L. Fuentes said Saturday during a press conference that the county must first meet certain thresholds to be considered for federal relief, but he is hopeful the declaration will come in the next few days.

According to Hidalgo County officials, more than 850 Hidalgo County residents were evacuated from their homes in the last few days and at least 500 people were placed at nine different shelters throughout the county.

Emergency officials said drains reached capacity and overflowed in the mid-valley area. Now that the water is receding, county officials say they are strategically placing water pumps in areas to flow water out.

The National Weather Service estimates that damage Valley wide will exceed $100 million.

Hidalgo County Health Director Eddie Olivarez said that the flood water is contaminated due to backflow sewer issues, backflow septic tank issues, oil and other liquids from abandoned vehicles.

He adds that the county is taking steps to control mosquitoes.

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