Hidalgo police to hold public outreach on excessive ticketing claims

    Hidalgo Police Department (Source: KGBT Photo)

    Hidalgo city officials are taking steps to do away with a reputation of excessive ticketing in the area.

    On Monday, city commission members met with Interim Police Chief Jesus Ortega, who was officially appointed to the position two weeks ago.

    During his appointment, officials tasked Ortega with drafting a “marketing plan” that address the reputation they say the police department has garnered.

    The concerns come after Hidalgo residents and Mexican nationals traveling through the area told city officials they were routinely pulled over without justification, allegations Ortega has denied in the past.

    Hidalgo Mayor Sergio Coronado said the police department will begin holding meetings with the public.

    “We are going to have presentations with the community, give information when it comes to the legal protocols that we have in place,” he said. “We do want to reflect what the protocols are and the plans that we are going to follow."

    Coronado said the city does not have an amnesty program in place right now, but would consider implementing one.

    City officials do not yet have a set date for the proposed community outreach.

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