Historic Port Isabel building demolished

The historic Yacht Club Hotel was considered a historical landmark. Residents are now wondering what comes next for the location.

Pieces of a building that once proudly stood tall in the city of Port Isabel are all that remain of the Yacht Club Hotel.

The historic two-story, Spanish colonial, renaissance building was located at the intersection of Gomez and Yuturria since 1926.

Recently, demolition has begun on the hotel and residents, like Wayne Massey, are upset about the beloved building being destroyed.

"My family has been here since 1930. It's, unbelievable. I can't believe they just tore it down," said Massey.

The Yacht Club Hotel was considered a historical landmark by residents who are now left wondering what comes next for the location.

Martinez Hospitality purchased the building from the city of Port Isabel in February. According to a statement issued to CBS 4, Martinez Hospitality intended to restore the hotel, however, they are now unable to do so due to neglect and damage to the site.

"We had full intentions initially to restore the facility to its former glory and allure. Unfortunately, the building had experienced years of neglect and suffered unrecoverable water damage."

According to the city of Port Isabel, the hotel was in need of restoration and the city intended to do so. However, after a review it was determined that the project was not feasible due to a greater restoration cost and insufficient funding available.

In a statement to CBS 4, the city of Port Isabel says, “The city of Port Isabel is saddened by the demolition of the yacht club. The city encouraged the private owners of the property to preserve the structure, and we hope that any structure rebuilt will reflect the appearance of the original structure."

As of right now, it remains unclear what the owners plan to build on the property. Residents say they are hopeful something good will come out of the demolition of the Yacht Club Hotel.

The owners of the property tell CBS 4 they hope to start building by the summer of next year. Plans of the project will be released in the near future.

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