Historical marker in Edinburg honors 1966 Farmworkers March

Editor's note: This story has been updated.

A historical marker that honors the 1966 Farmworkers March was unveiled in front of the Hidalgo County Courthouse Friday in Edinburg.

Community leaders and residents gathered to honor the historic march which called for a raise of the minimum wage at the time.

In 1966, farm workers were making 40 cents an hour. A small strike led by farmers from Starr County transformed into a historic 400-mile march to the capitol of Texas.

"Sometimes we would get sick because it was too hot, but we had to keep on because we had a mission to go to Austin," said Graciela Trevino, who marched in 1966.

The farm workers demanded the government to raise their wages to $1.25 an hour. A year after the event, the minimum wage was raised to $1.00 an hour.

"They really kicked off the Chicano revolution that we had in Texas and across the country,"said Former State Director of United Farm Workers Rebecca Flores. "People saw them and the courage that they had to fight all the powers that be, because everybody was against them."

Though the Farmworkers March occurred over 50 years ago, Flores said the fight is still not over.

"We're always going to have to fight," Flores said. "Nothing is ever going to come easy to us."

The marker was funded by the Hidalgo County Historical Commission.

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