Homicide is second leading cause of death for young Hispanics

A fight escalates at a McAllen bar and ends with an innocent bystander losing his life.

Danny Avila was murdered at the age of 24.

He is now part of a startling statistic.

A recent study shows that homicide is the second leading cause of death for young Hispanic adults ages 15 to 24.

It TMs being called an epidemic.

"Frustrated people lose control and stressed people lose control," Dr. S. Vincentnathan, criminal justice professor at the University of Texas Pan-American, said.

Dr. Vincentnathan said minorities from low-income families are more likely to commit crimes like murder.

"They tend to dole up a view that they are not progressing and they may not be able to and they become frustrated," he said.

And not only are these Hispanics committing crimes, it TMs often against people of the same ethnicity.

"So in other word Hispanics don TMt commit crimes against their wives, its within their own group," he said.

Dr. Vincentnathan said minorities are more likely to be oppressed and are often exposed to violence at an early age because of it.

"If you cannot be prosperous, if you are the lower income group with all your desires and you are not ableto realize them then it TMs a situation where people get very, very angry," he said.

The study found that most Hispanic murder victims are killed by guns.

Some 38,000 Hispanics were killed by guns in a ten year period ending in 2010.

It TMs something that may likely stay the same unless changes are made early on in life.

"Values like respecting others, respecting people, helping people, those kinds of values should be developed that way people have feelings," Dr. Vincentnathan said.

He said it starts at home by instilling wholesome values.

Hispanic families can change this statistic one child at a time.

Yesterday the gunman in the Gamehaus shooting appeared in court.

Manuel Sanchez Jr. pleaded not guilty to the murder of Avila.

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