Honduran immigrant found with severed thumb of murder victim

Honduran immigrant arrested carrying a human thumb in La Havana

Border Patrol officials are warning that not everyone coming into the United States illegally is looking for a better life.

The message comes after a routine human smuggling bust ended with a Honduran murder suspect arrested with a severed human thumb.

Border Patrol agents found the man with a little more than a dozen undocumented immigrants near La Joya in the rural community of La Havana.

What concerns investigators is that he had no criminal history within the United States and there is no telling where he got the thumb.

The man was taken into border patrol custody on October 7th.

Originally from Honduras, the immigrant claims he killed a man in his home country and kept the thumb as a macabre souvenir.

Local Border Patrol spokesman Daniel Tirado said agents encounter a number of immigrants who do have criminal records in the United States.

Tirado said the criminal aliens are looking to cross into the country illegally.

"Some of the people Border Patrol encounters are coming to seek a better life but among them are people who are coming to create problems and harm our local communities, Tirado said.

Although a small percentage of those apprehended have criminal history, others may also have rap sheets back in their home countries.

U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents are now investigating the immigrant's claims.

Anyone who sees or encounters human smuggling should not act, but rather contact Border Patrol or their local police department.

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