Hutchison excited about GOP presidential ticket

While approval ratings for GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney continue to fluctuate with voters, and in some polls even decreased slightly since naming Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as his vice presidential nominee, U.S. Senator Kay bailey Hutchison not only approves the ticket, but said she's excited about the possibilities.The republican senator said the two have what it takes to cut back on overspending tax payers' money.They know that we can't continue to spend and spend and spend into deficits and debt, Hutchison said.They're going to come forward with a plan that will create jobs in this country and I TMm very excited about that - we certainly need a jump start." Hutchison said she TMs aware of the high poverty rates in the Rio Grande Valley, and despite comments by Ryan recently about cutting $500 billion from Medicare, she said Medicare will not be done away with."We will never get rid of Medicare (or) Medicaid, Hutchison said. We will have options for people who need healthcare coverage and that is very important certainly to Romney and Ryan. They've got very innovative plans that will meet those needs - no one is going to walk away from the needy in our country."Hutchison said despite the majority democratic voting population in South Texas, issues like the country's unemployment rate and debt, could favor the GOP ticket."I TMm excited for the Romney, Ryan plans and for the people who are running on a fiscal conservative, family values platform, Hutchison said. I think we're going to have a very good election, it's going to be hard fought, and I think the people of American will make the right choices."
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