Illegal immigrant crash victims remembered

The site of a deadly crash became a memorial Wednesday.

Juan Flores arrived at 9:00 a.m. to arrange flowers, spray paint crosses where bodies once laid and cover blood and body parts with dirt.

"Me toc tapar la sangre, pedasos de carne," said Flores in Spanish.

At Minnesota road and Eastbound frontage in Palmview, police said a Border Patrol agent tried pulling over a van Tuesday night.

Packed inside were 20 suspected illegal immigrants.

According to police, the van stopped and one person got out and ran.

Police said the van then kept driving for about three blocks, while another Border Patrol agent tried stopping it again.

Palmview Police said the van TMs driver lost control and rolled the van.

Bodies were thrown onto the street, and nine suspected illegal immigrants were killed, according to police.

Police said six people were taken to the hospital.

As of Wednesday afternoon, police said five were released from the hospital.

Police said two people are in custody, while the driver and one other person are on the run.

Flores said those who died deserve to be remembered.

He hopes others wanting to cross the border, won't.

"No se vengan," said Flores in Spanish.

Flores has a message to illegal immigrants: don TMt come.

Flores is a construction worker and said jobs are hard to come by.

He said the American Dream is too dangerous for illegal immigrants to pursue.

Palmview Police, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Mexican Consulate are reportedly working together to identify the nine bodies.

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